Covid Symbol Books

Ted and Tess work with Blackburn with Darwen SEND Support Service on the Developmental Language Disorder team (DLD team). The team includes Specialist teachers, Speech and language therapists and Specialist speech and language support assistants; and Ted and Tess! They support schools and nursery settings in our area to help children who find it hard to learn at school due to difficulties with:

• Attention and listening 
• Receptive language (understanding what they hear)
• Expressive language (talking)
• Speech sounds (clarity of speech)

These books and activities have been designed to help the younger children we work with find meaning in the current situation, in simple and fun ways that they can understand. These stories and activities can be used by other children too!


Ted and Tess Rainbow Stories

Ted Wants a Hug Story

Ted and Tess get creative

Mum has to work


Ted and Tess prepare for School

Gujarati reading of 'Ted and Tess prepare for School'

Ted and Tess go back to school

Ted and Tess go shopping

Its OK not to be OK

Urdu reading of 'Its OK not to be OK'

Gujarati reading of 'Its OK not to be OK'​

Ted and Tess don't go back to school

English reading of Ted and Tess don't go back to School