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From September 2014, Sudell have adopted a ‘creative curriculum’, to encompass the subjects of Science, History, Geography, Music, Dance, Art, Drama, PSHE and DT through a thematic approach to learning. English and Maths are taught as discrete subjects, although we draw links to the creative curriculum topics, so that the children can apply the skills they are learning across the whole curriculum.


Why have we decided to follow a creative curriculum at Sudell?

  • It offers children the opportunities to work in more depth, giving them the time they need to reflect, consolidate and transfer knowledge, skills and understanding across the learning experience as a whole.
  • Children’s own interests can often be included in the learning, which generates greater enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning.
  • Children and adults, including parents, can work together to capture children’s interest and excitement.
  • Children are more willing to take risks and so take on greater challenges, due to increased confidence.
  • It gives greater scope for inclusion; allowing children of a wide range of needs to study the same theme at different levels.
  • It gives good opportunities apply the skills taught in Literacy and maths, so that children can practise these skills in meaningful contexts.


Please see the links below to find out what themes each year group is learning about. You will also find overviews of our English and Maths curriculum, as well as information about how we teach Reading and phonics. If you have any questions please contact us.

Curriculum Details

You can find details about what is included in the yearly curriculum on the pages below.

Mathematics Curriculum Information

Literacy Curriculum Information

Reading and phonics at Sudell

Here at Sudell we believe that reading is one of the key skills your child will ever learn. Children are taught the early reading skills of segmenting and blending through daily Read Write Inc. type lessons, this means that children who are working at the same phonic level are taught together regardless of the year group they are in. Alongside this all children receive daily reading opportunities with an adult and to further fluency and understanding we use a variety of schemes as well as non scheme books when the children are able to read independently.

Reading scheme used includes all series from the Oxford Reading Tree.

Class Pages
Find our more about our classes by viewing our Class Pages! You'll find images and updates throughout the year. If you require any further information please contact Mrs Young at the School Office