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January Newsletter

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First of all, Happy New Year to all our parents, grandparents and friends.

We managed to learn all the sounds for  the letters of the alphabet before Christmas so now we will be moving on to learning their names and also what we call digraphs, where two letters make one new sound, for example, ch, th, sh and so on.  We will continue to work on reading, writing and handwriting and so that you can continue to support the children at home, I will be having another Parent Workshop to explain these things a little more on Friday 24th January at 2:30pm in the breakfast room.  Please try to come along if you can. 

For the first couple of weeks this term we are learning about Winter and how to keep warm so on Tuesday14th January in the afternoon we are going to take a Winter walk to the purple playground near to the Children’s Centre.  We will have a play on the park and then call in at the Centre for a warm drink before we walk back to school.  I don’t need to ask you to sign a permission slip because it is covered by the annual consent, but please make a note of the date and be sure the children have a warm coat, hat, gloves etc and good shoes that day.

Then, on Friday 17th January at 2:30pm, we will be having Flapjack Friday.  For the very reasonable price of 50p we will be serving delicious homemade flapjacks, hot chocolate (with squirty cream, if you like) and telling you how you can keep warm in winter time!  We will also show you our next slideshow with the nativity pictures for anyone who didn’t see them.  We hope you will be able to come.

Finally, please remember to return reading books and story sacks every Monday without fail.  We will be adding digraph sounds to the key rings and also new words for sight reading all of which are very important but impossible if the reading bags and books are left at home.

Thank you for your continued support