Introduction and aims for pupil premium students


Pupil Premium students are defined as those who have been on free school meals at any time in the past 6 years, those who have a parent who is part of the Armed Forces or those designated as Children in our Care (CIOC).


The School is committed to ensuring that all children, irrespective of background, achieve their full potential socially and academically.


We aim for our Pupil Premium students to consistently achieve academic outcomes well above the national average when compared to the national proxy for Pupil Premium students.


We aim for all of our students to achieve well and for there to be no gap within the School in academic outcomes between the achievements of Pupil Premium students and non-Pupil Premium students.


We aim for pupil premium students to thrive socially and to be able to access the full entitlement of additional opportunities offered by the academy.


We have researched the barriers to educational success within our community, all of which are prominent barriers for the majority of Pupil Premium students. Our philosophy and ethos, underpinning our holistic approach, guides all of our work with our students. Prominent barriers specific to our community include a lack of ‘road map’, some evidence of parental passivity, lack of self-confidence and a lack of people precedent. Pupil Premium funding is used to support any activity that will directly address these barriers.