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Reception Newsletter Spring Term 2

Reception News


The half term holiday has flown by and now the children are more than half way through their time in Reception.  It is at about this time that Mrs Goldsworthy begins taking a great interest in how the children are progressing ready for her class in September.  So, we are continuing to work hard to become more independent readers and writers and really improve our handwriting.

At the moment we are learning about Growing, Changing and Keeping Healthy and I wondered if it would be possible for the children to bring in a baby photo as soon as possible so we can see how they have grown and changed!  Apologies for the short notice. If that is possible be sure to write their name of the back so we don’t get them mixed up!  Thank you.

Next week will be Book Week when various things will be happening in school.  We will be sending home an Elmer colouring competition and on Thursday 6th March we will be having Bring your Favourite Book To School Day.  Perhaps you could be helping the children decide which book they would like to bring.  Please, just one book each.  Mrs Pearson and I will be bringing our favourite book too!

Sport Relief Day is Friday 21st March and more details will be coming home shortly.

Next, we will be doing a topic on Pirates and to finish that off we will be going to St Thomas’s Primary School on Wednesday 2nd April to take part in their Shiver Me Timbers Big Sing! I will send home another letter with more details later but just to warn you we will be asking for a small donation towards the cost of the coach.

Then Easter will be upon us and I think the Easter Bunny will be paying us a visit before the end of school.  Also, I will give you a sneaky advanced warning of our Grand Easter Competition which this year is to make a Spring or Easter themed flower display or mini garden.  You can use real, artificial or homemade flowers and let your imagination run wild!  More details to follow.