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Reception Newsletter

I hope those of you who were able to come to Flapjack Friday enjoyed the chance to be in school with the children.  Today I have got news about some other special Reception days!

First, a reminder. I am having another Parent Workshop on reading and writing this Friday 24th January at 2:30pm. I will
 be explaining what we have already covered and what our next steps will be. I hope you will come if you can because this is very important for the children’s progress.

In class we are now learning about Monsters and Dinosaurs. It is always a particular favourite with the children and so on Friday 31st January at 2:30pmwe are going to have a Dinosaur Exhibition in the classroom for Reception parents. The children are going to be the guides and they will be showing off all the things we have been doing and learning. It would mean so much to them if you could come, so please do your best. Thank you.

On Friday 7th February we have been invited by the Friends of Darwen Library to visit for the morning. They have planned some lovely activities including storytelling and a Punch and Judy Show. A coach will take us and we will be back in time for dinner. It is covered by the annual consent form, so I don’t need to ask for permission but please make sure the children have a coat in school that day.

Thank you to all the parents who have returned the Thoughts So Far letter. If you haven’t managed to yet, could you please have a go at filling it in and sending it back so we know what you think and perhaps what we could do better? If you have lost the original, let us know and we can give you a copy.