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Year 4

Have a look at our Spring 1 topic - Adventurers and Explorers.

Take a look at the learning journey for our Autumn 2 topic: Where does chocolate come from?

Year 4 Drumming Performance - the South Asian Dholak

Year 4 Drumming 1

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Year 4 Drumming 2

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Take a look at our Learning Journey for our current topic: Egyptians

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We had a brilliant day at Ribchester Museum! We learned lots of new facts, dressed up in armour and went to the Roman baths (although these were more like mud baths after all the rain!). Have a look at our pictures!

Welcome back to our second half term! We have an exciting and busy half-term leading up to Christmas.


Our focus in Maths is multiplication and division using facts up to 12 x 12. We will also be learning the formal method of multiplication.

In English we are working on fiction writing our own adventure story and also explanation texts, designing our own 'Clever Contraption'. 

For creative curriculum we are continuing learning about Romans. Our focus will be on Art and Design Technology investigating and creating their pottery, food and art. Watch out for some creative Roman artefacts making their way home to you!

In science we are starting our Electricity topic, we will be investigating sources of electricity, its uses, circuits (including buzzers and switches) and life without electricity.



Learning from last half term (September - November)


Look at our learning activities from last half-term.

ENRICHMENT DAY - (What I want to be)


-Building Roman roads...hard work!

-Creating firework pictures

-Can I work out how you work?

-Scientists investigating the diet of Roman people through their faeces (poo!)

-Roman soldiers in battle (Year 3 versus Year 4...who won? Watch the video to find out)

The posters below outline what a child in Year 4 is expected to be able to do in Maths and English.