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Recycling Update!

As part of Sudell's environmental action plan to save energy and improve recycling, there is an ordinary waste bin and a recycling box or bin in each classroom, the staffroom and the school office. Near each recycling bin is a photograph showing the types of items that can be recycled and so should go into the recycling bin and not the waste bin. Members of the Eco Committee and Eco Club check that this is done properly in each class and we have Energy Monitors who go round school on a Friday lunchtime to do an overall check of both types of bin and also whether lights and computers are being turned off when classrooms are not being used.

Sudell is also the local drop off point for the Terracycle' Writing Implements RecyclingProgramme', so in the office and in every classroom we have Green Eco Boxes which all our used pens, felt tips, dry wipe pens, markers and highlighters get put into. They are monitored, collected and sorted every Friday by our Waste Warriors - please bring in any used pens and felt tips from home, too! Empty glue sticks are also collected in these boxes and are recycled instead of going to landfill.

In the Peace Garden there is a water butt to collect rainwater and in the Secret Garden we have a compost bin. Into the compost bin we put gardening waste, raw fruit and vegetable waste from the kitchen, plus any fruit the children have at break time.


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