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Eco end of term play

Once again Sudell's Eco Warriors have had a very busy year, which culminated in the excellent achievement of being awarded the Eco-Schools Green Flag. Members of the Eco Committee also stepped out of their comfort zone and performed in a play which told the story of the 'Land of Litternot' and the importance of protecting wildlife and the environment. The play was filmed by Mr Hilton from DACA and the finished product was shown at our Celebration Awards assemblies on Monday. See the video for yourself below. It is well worth a watch, not least because the children involved worked so hard rehearsing it, and the Jester had all the school laughing with his wonderfully deadpan performance!

In the play there is a mention of the carrots and pumpkins planted in the Secret Garden. We're not sure how successful this crop is going to be, but will let you know in September! In the meantime, the tyre planters in the Peace Garden have been planted up with ornamental grass, flowers and herbs to create a sensory area for children, staff and wildlife to enjoy next year.


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