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Snow & Adverse Weather Closure

At Sudell Primary School it is of paramount importance that school remains open where possible but accepts that it may be necessary to close due to circumstances beyond our control.

Reasons may include (but this list is not exhaustive):


  • Severe weather including snow, flooding or storms


  • Accommodation problems, for example loss of power supply, heating failure or fire damage


  • Disruption to staffing levels due to strikes or a severe sickness outbreak


Factors involved in deciding to enforce a school closure will be based on:


  • Access to school – road conditions (obstacles such as snow, ice, flood waters, availability of transport)


  • Breakdown of essential school services – loss of heating, power, water or severe damage to the school building caused by a storm or other event)


  • At times when weather conditions are so severe the Principal may consider that the Health and Safety of the pupils and staff are best served by closing the school.


  • An advanced severe weather warning to close the school for the following day.


  • The decision to close school will be made by the Principal in conjunction with the Chair of Governors and the Local Authority will be informed.

Procedure for informing parents / carers


The Principal will inform the School Office who will then send a text message/email to all parents / carers. The school website will have the closure information on the Home Page and this will be updated throughout the enforced closure. An announcement will also be made on BBC Radio Lancashire. (It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that mobile telephone numbers and email addresses are kept up-to-date with the school office).


 Should it be necessary to close school early the Principal will ensure that as many parents as possible are telephoned / receive a text message and / or email.


Staff will be available to supervise pupils who cannot go home early. The safety of pupil’s will be considered at all times. Any further notices will be updated via the school website and via text message / email.

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