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Policies & Statutory Information

To request a paper copy of any information on this site, please email or ask at reception.

For more information about Aldridge Education, including the Trust's statutory information and policies please visit

The following policies are Aldridge Education Trust Wide policies which Sudell Primary School follows.  These can be found on the Aldridge Education Website - Aldridge Education - Finance, policies and legal information

  • Biometric Policy

  • Complaints Policy

  • Children With Health Needs Who Cannot Attend School Policy

  • Data Protection Policy

  • E-safety Policy

  • Equality and Diversity Policy

  • First Aid Policy

  • Freedom of Information Policy and Publication Scheme

  • Health and Safety Policy Part 1 – Statement of Intent

  • Health and Safety Policy Part 2 – Roles and Responsibilities

  • Health and Safety Policy Part 3 – Arrangements

  • Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

  • Privacy Notice – Parents/ Carers

  • Privacy Notice – Pupils and Learners

  • Privacy Notice – Children in Need and LAC

  • Privacy Notice – Workforce

  • Privacy Notice – Governors

  • Record Retention Policy and Retention Schedule

  • Risk Assessment Policy

  • Safer Recruitment Policy

  • Whistleblowing Policy

Below you can find a list of our key school policies which you can view and/or download.


Please click this link to view a copy of the latest Aldridge Education Annual Report and Financial Statements

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