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Aldridge Education

“A good education gives people skills and qualifications, and it instils confidence, along with preparing young people for the challenges of life. Everyone has the right to expect an exciting, engaging and relevant education, regardless of who they are, or where they live”

Sir Rod Aldridge OBE, Founder


Sudell is a member of the Aldridge Education family of schools, which locally also includes Darwen Aldridge Community Academy, Darwen Vale High School and Darwen Aldridge Enterprise Studio school.


Aldridge Education is a charitable Trust of entrepreneurial community schools and colleges that help young people to reach their potential. We support our schools’ Principals and teachers in rapidly improving the quality of education on offer at early years, primary, secondary and sixth-form levels in order to transform the life-chances of our students.


Our vision is that every student at an Aldridge school will achieve academically beyond initial personal expectations and prior attainment. Their learning and experiences in education will give them a wide perspective on the opportunities open to them and they will develop the practical skills to access every opportunity they want in life.


Aldridge Education was established as a national multi-academy trust by the Aldridge Foundation in 2016, taking over responsibility from the Foundation for its family of non-selective academy schools and colleges. Our shared belief is that by introducing young people to, and helping develop in them, the core attributes of entrepreneurship, we can provide context and relevance to their learning, fostering creativity, passion, determination, risk taking, problem solving and teamwork. These characteristics help our students achieve in their education and acquire further vital skills for adult life.


For more information about Aldridge Education, including the Trust's statutory information, Executive pay, Annual Report and Accounts, please click here.  To contact the Trust please click here.

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National Contact - Aldridge Education | PO Box 6180 | Southend-on-Sea | SS1 9DR | Phone: 0207 297 0340

Regional Contact - Darwen Aldridge Community Academy | Sudell Road | BB3 3HD | Phone: 01254 819500

You can see more about the work of the Aldridge Foundation, the charity established by Sir Rod Aldridge, on this video.

Aldridge Education is registered in England and Wales as a “Private Limited Company by guarantee without share capital”’.  The company number is ‘05670663

Correspondence Address:

Aldridge Education

PO Box 6180



Trust Head Office is located at:

Aldridge Education

Duke's Aldridge Academy

Trulock Road



N17 0PG

Telephone: 0207 297 0340

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